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Is Life Coaching The Same As Executive Coaching?

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As someone who is labelled a life coach (see, I use talking therapies in my practice in particular sfbt or brief solution focused therapy. Because there is little real difference when using the solution focus approach for therapy or coaching I find that the label of life coaching or the label of executive coaching is purely that. Working with individuals to help with anxiety or to sort out a problem, an issue, to help with depression probably conjures up a life coaching label although I have addressed similar situations when I have been brought in as an executive coach.

The way the world of work is, help with depression is an overlooked work problem. Whether it is sex, money or relationship problems, the exact causes of depression are difficult to exactly pin down. Doctors often prescribe anti depressant drugs or medication which may help.

Talking therapies which include cognitive behavioural therapy may also be of use. For me personally having trained in solution focused brief therapy, I find it a natural way to deal with emotional and other problems of the mind including stress, depression and burn out.

One of the reasons is that it’s very conversational so you don’t go around analysing deeply, you work with someone on the surface with the language they are using and you collaborate with them versus pretend you can see into their mind.

It also fits in with neuroscience ideas about how our brains process information and in particular what we pay attention to our attention in the present versus a “big dig up” of the past.

Help with stress and anxiety is a big part of an executive’s life in London so coaching often involves dealing with the mind and the issue of stress and anxiety.

In her book Executive coach Catherine Sandler says:

“Human Beings become anxious much more easily than is generally realised”


“Anxiety manifests itself in a wide range of hidden and indirect ways”

I also think that executives are far more interested in having a goal focused approach of up to 4 sessions to make progress rather than intense therapy and that coaching is a far more acceptable route than deep analytical therapy.

With 4 session sfbt or rather solution focused coaching the client is able to start work straight away rather than spending hours and hours analysing the causes of depression, the causes of anxiety. Yes it might be useful to know where the issue or problem came from or where the depression first occurred however the point of offering help with depression or help with anxiety is to find a way forward.

As Chris Iveson in a journal of professional development titled ‘Advances in Psychiatric Treatment’ states

“It explores current resources and future hopes rather than present problems and past causes and typically involves only three to five sessions. It has great value as a preliminary and often sufficient intervention and can be used safely as an adjunct to other treatments”

Dinner Party Themes

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dinner partyHaving a specific dinner party theme will instantly add flavour to a possibly mediocre event. If you have been doing these for a while and wish to change it up a bit, try some of these style the next time you’re in the need of a private dinner party in your home. These may be things you already thought about ( but didn’t have the time to do) or just a few tips you might want to consider doing for your next fabulous event.

1. A Summer/Winter Dinner Party

The current season is always a good source from which to draw inspiration. Summer brings about fun memories and it usually considered to be the season in which people have the most free time. Bringing your dinner party outside will make you appear as fresh as the air you’ll be breathing.

Menu ideas: Summer Lobster with Vinegar, Cherry Tomatoes Salad and some fresh fruit

Winter is loved for its many holidays and you could use that to your advantage. Bring out the Christmas decorations and make the most of them. Turn on the holiday lights and stoke up the fireplace on for that winter atmosphere.

Menu ides: Marinated Steak, Creamed Spinach, Backed Cinammon Apples

2. A White and Red Dinner Party

Go for that easy ooh effect with a simple colour arrangment. Place a white tablecloth, use white dishes and decorations in one rich statement colour. Take it to the next level by serving only white and red food as well. Any wine list will seem so logical with this arrangement.

Menu Ideas: Grilled Stripped Bass, Tomatoes Salad and Lemon Tart

3. Animal friendly Dinner Party

Appeals to animals/lovers and activists by arranging a vegetarian dinner party. Earthy- coloured dishes and tablecloth are not hard to find and fruits and vegetables can serve as both the meal and the decorations! Make special pet invitations and prepare yourself for something completely different.

Menu Ideas: Veggie Pizza, Steamed Vegetables, Blueberry Cake

4. Women Therapy Dinner Party

Organize a party dedicated to the fairer sex with special room for conversation. Pastel colours and florals are the best choice for decorations while the food may include anything light (to keep the stomach rumblings out of conversations).

Menu Ideas: Squash Risotto, Spiced Carrots, Chocolate souffle

5. Exotic Dinner Party

For the adventure-loving people out there is the exotic party plan. Isolated island paradises provide the biggest inspiration for such events. A blue tablecloth can represent the sea and an overgrown and messy flower centerpiece will be the jungle to your table. Dim the lights, bring out the candles, put on some tribal music and dare to try some unusual meals for the complete mood.

Menu Ideas: Crispy Chickpea Patties, Roasted Red Pepper, Honey Walnut Cookies

Ruth Curtis comes to your home and cooks exclusively for your private party. Ruth has worked with some of the top chefs in the industry, including Jamie Oliver, Martin Nail of Claridges and Rene Redzepi of world famous Noma in Copenhagen. Ruth is also reputed to make the best wedding cakes in Oxford and Warwick!